About Us


What is hospice?

Hospice care focuses on medical and personal comfort for people living with a life-limiting illness. Patients are treated for their pain and discomfort. Our aim is to ensure that the patients, along with their families, feel emotionally and spiritually at peace.

How are decisions made about the care of the patient?

After the initial admission is completed by one of our nurses and a visit is made by our doctor, a care plan is then created, tailored specifically to meet the patient’s needs. Nevertheless, we honor and respect the patient’s rights and wishes. Your comfort is our number one priority.

What should patients or families do if they are considering hospice care?

We strongly suggest that you contact our office and speak with our Director of Patient Care Services so you can obtain the proper information and understanding of hospice care. We will guide you through the step-by-step procedure in obtaining our services. We will also encourage you in getting your primary doctor involved.


Who takes care of the patients?

The team responsible for the patient’s care consists of nurses, certified home health aids, social workers, spiritual directors, and volunteers. Our goal is to ensure every aspect of your needs is taken care of. Nurses are to regularly check up on the patients, and follow the condition of their physical state. Social workers are available to provide help with coping, and links to community resources. Chaplains are available to patients to talk about spiritual concerns and finding answers that fit with their own beliefs. Our office may also be contacted by phone for any questions or concerns you may have during the course of your care.